Dungeonator  1.0.0
a dungeon generator library
src Directory Reference


file  connectors.h [code]
 file for connections between regions (doors)
file  dead_ends.h [code]
 code for removing the dead-ends of the dungeon
file  direction.h [code]
 declaration file for directions enum
file  dungeonator.h [code]
 main include file
file  generate.h [code]
 code pulling together all the parts to generate the dungeon
file  grid.h [code]
 declaration file for grid functions
file  maze.h [code]
 the implementation file for maze generation code
file  rooms.h [code]
 code for placing and detecting collisions of rooms
file  tile.h [code]
 the include file for the potential tiles in a grid
file  util.h [code]
 various utilities used thoughout the code